About Us.


We Support Clients Globally

Wideout began as support for then-New York agency Klipmart, which pioneered video in online ads. When Klipmart was acquired by Doubleclick in 2006, and Doubleclick by Google in 2007, Wideout remained their primary remote resource for display ad production.

At its peak, Wideout supported Google operations round-the-clock in Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Wideout’s services ranged from development, QA, campaign management, ad operations, technical support, and mobile innovations.

Cumulatively, the work produced by Wideout represented in excess of $500 million in advertising revenue for our clients.

Our extensive experience in the online space has allowed Wideout to forge strong relationships with hundreds of fellow industry veterans across the entire breadth of the outsourcing ecosphere. Our expertise makes us a true partner for our clients and not mere order-takers.

Today, Wideout supports clients in North America and EMEA, with a reputation for agility, technical proficiency, and excellent communication.

Our Clients


Our main client base extends beyond the gamut of the online advertising industry - media agencies, publishers, and ad tech platforms - to healthcare intelligence, content creation, and app development.


Wideout’s ability to deftly fit into client processes and provide very specific solutions has been instrumental in the development of startups, enabling them to scale. In more than a few cases, our startup clients successfully IPO-ed or were acquired. Wideout has been critical in helping clients scale their operations, making them more attractive to the investment community. 

Client Testimonials

"Wideout first introduced me to the benefits of remote teams, in the Philippines in particular, and it was a significant factor in the growth and success of my company. By having talented and hard-working employees at lower costs, we were able to start a business without significant startup funding. The lower overhead allowed us to attract big-name clients by offering pricing that was highly competitive. Over time our hybrid model of local and remote teams delivered a strong value proposition to clients and substantial profits to ownership. Those profits, a roster of big clients, and our stellar service made us highly attractive to buyers and ultimately resulted in our acquisition. I recognize and appreciate the role our remote teams played in our success story and I thank Wideout for their influence on our business model." 

"Wideout helped me scale my business 20x through highly effective digital and social media marketing campaigns." 

"We don't use Wideout because they're cost-efficient, even though they are, we use them because they own their services more than any other partner we know." 

"We failed multiple times with partners who simply didn't know how to work in a creative environment. Wideout specializes in it and that was apparent right away." 

"Often we find software developers who think that because they make websites, they can do adtech creative. It's not the same thing and Wideout understands the difference."